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Donuts are made fresh daily and we have been know to sell out*, so call your order ahead - be it two donuts or two dozen, it will be waiting for you! Call us, that's how we roll...



Birthdays, weddings, fundraisers and work gatherings are just a few of the many events that you can make super special by including Doughboys in your plans! 

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Give us a call!



Big Variety Pack

2 Cinnamon Rolls
2 Long Johns 

2 Twists

3 Glazed Donuts

4 Cake Donuts

Baby Variety Pack
1 Cinnamon Roll
1 Long John
1 Twist

3 Donuts

Spread smiles, buy a pack of   happiness! xoxo

Loaded Donuts

We are happy to make you a fully loaded donut with whatever you love on it if you give us a heads up, we will have it ready for you. 

Load up bacon, candy, cereal, coconut flakes, nuts, sprinkles whatever you love and most of all make it yum and fun! 

Doughboys Donuts fancy fruity pebble


Build Your Own Donut!

Step 1. Pick your donut, cake or glazed.

Step 2.  Choose your icing; caramel, cherry, chocolate, vanilla

Step 3. Pick your ring theme - hero, princess, sports and more.

Step 4. Vivid Sanding Sugar or Sprinkles: Yes or No.

Doughboys Donuts KC Chiefs

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