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The Pearl family loves donuts, and our favorite shop has always been Doughboys Donuts!  When it recently became available for sale, Daniel and Michele jumped at the chance to keep enjoying these donuts for years to come!  Our whole family worked hard to learn how to make Doughboys Donuts exactly the same way that we've grown to love and expect, until the moment finally came that let the former owners, Marjain and Elisa Breitenbach, enjoy their retirement, knowing that their customers and donut shop were in good hands!


We love our customers and we love making fresh delicious donuts. We take pride in the fact that our donuts are still made the old-fashioned way! We mix the dough and cut them all by hand.  You won't find a single conveyor belt or any frozen dough in our shop! 


We invite you to enjoy our donuts, coffee, and breakfast of homemade biscuits & sausage gravy, a biscuit sandwich, a donut slider, a breakfast burrito or a custom-made omelet in our family-friendly cafe!  You can also order all these items to go on our website, on our Facebook page, by phone, or in person!


Come early and come often! Donuts are made fresh daily, and we have been known to sell out, so if you have anything in particular that you want during shop hours, give us a call on your way, and we'll be happy to set it aside for you - be it two donuts or two dozen, it will be waiting for you. See you in Raytown! 


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